Kryxivia Pre-alpha update


Welcome back for a new post on the Kryxivia devblog!

It's been a long time since we last posted an article on the blog. Indeed, the team has been focused on the constant improvement of the game for the upcoming alpha. The upcoming alpha version has nothing to do with the first test versions as the team progresses so much: the UI has been completely updated, new spells have been added, new dungeons, NFT import/export is functional, etc.
This post will focus mainly on the visual improvements.

UI/UX improvements

The menus have been completely modified to be in the same colors as Kryxivia, it will be possible to change them as you like:
UI Kryxivia button
UI Kryxivia button © Kryxivia
The group and dungeon menu has been updated:
Kryxivia group and dungeon
Kryxivia group and dungeon © Kryxivia
Here is an overview of the inventory:
Kryxivia inventory
Kryxivia inventory © Kryxivia
It will be possible to add Kryxits to your items to increase their specs!
Kryxivia inventory Kryxits
Kryxivia inventory Kryxits © Kryxivia

NFT import/export

The import/export system has been implemented via an NPC. We will let early stakers who have access to the Alpha discover their unique NFT in game after talking to this NPC !
Kryxivia NFT import
Kryxivia NFT import © Kryxivia

Spells menu

The spell menu has also been redesigned. We added the drag of the spells directly in the bar of the spells:
Kryxivia Spells
Kryxivia Spells © Kryxivia
We can't wait to show you the world of Kryxivia and all our advancements at the launch of the alpha.
Tomorrow you can have a preview while waiting for the alpha launch : we will stream the game on Twitch with some team members at 13:00 UTC on our official Twitch channel :
Kryxivia city

Game statistics

Come in-game and build a powerful character, become one of the most feared adventurer of the Kryxivia city!

By joining the Kryxivia mine with your friends, you will fight against the hardest bosses and prove your worth to everyone to then be rewarded with the magical Kryxits and items that you will loot in.

  • Players online Players online N/A
  • KXA Marketcap KXA Marketcap 4,107,500$
  • KXS Marketcap KXS Marketcap 130,000$
  • Kryxivia NFT Minted Kryxivia NFT Minted N/A
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