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Tutvuge viimaste paranduse märkustega ja väljalasudega

Tutvuge viimaste paranduse märkustega ja väljalasudega

Paranduse märkused v0.1.1

  • Overall, the dungeon balancing has been reviewed
  • The armor penetration and scaling damages of mobs
  • Modified the armor scaling
  • Completing a quest now give you KXS
  • Fixed a bug that created issues on enchantment in certain conditions
  • NPCs such as NFT panel and socketing manager open dialogs again
  • Food are now stackable
  • Dialog typo has been removed
  • Mobs attack range has been reduced
  • Bosses Alde & Atesgol are now playable
  • The first dungeon (dummy) now automatically teleport you back to the city
  • Mining loot has been balanced
  • The weapons disappearing after mining
  • Modified dungeons access order
  • Fixed multi-player mining, everyone can mine now
  • You cannot gather resources while in a fight anymore
  • Various performance optimization
  • Lobby crashes are fixed, we improved dungeons stability, we are still monitoring
  • Clicking on the dungeon door is now easier
  • Fixed iron recipes for crafting
  • You can say now say "Kill" and "Dummy" in the chat

Teadaolevad vead:

  • Quest that require you to pick a reward are still uncompletable
  • Boss health bar should not appear before you encounter it
  • Some NPCs still have no dialog while still having an exclamation mark over their head
  • Disenchanting multiple items at the same time still cause dust loss, you need to do it one by one
  • Some bosses can still be attacked from too far away
  • Visual bugs still occurs with the profession panel