Kryxivia cave

An innovative MMORPG game leveraging NFT on blockchain

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Kryxivia cave
Kryxivia cave

Interactive and fun 3D MMORPG

Crypto-currencies as a Gaming Economy revolution

Play now an interactive and fun 3D MMORPG on your browser with your friends, while collecting NFTs that you give rewards backed by crypto-assets returns won from your progress in the Kryxivia universe!

On Kryxivia, we leverage the best features that blockchain's can offer to give you the best economy in gaming experience.

Kryxivia KXA

KXA Token

The KXA token, which stands for Kryxivia Coin token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain is the base crypto-currency for on-chain payment and special packs such as starter packs, special NFT sell events, or exchanging for the in-game currency KXS.

More details in the documentation
Kryxivia KXA
Kryxivia cave
Kryxivia KXS

KXS Token

The KXS token, which stands for Kryxivia Shard Coin deployed on the Binance Smart Chain is the online currency to play, buy, trade, and have new online pieces of stuff in the Kryxivia world, as it carries more risk and economic moves, it needs to have a huge supply so that every player can have some to play with.

More details in the documentation
Kryxivia KXS
Kryxivia cave

Kryxivia city

Game Statistics

Come in-game and build a powerful character, become one of the most feared adventurer of the Kryxivia city!

By joining the Kryxivia mine with your friends, you will fight against the hardest bosses and prove your worth to everyone to then be rewarded with the magical Kryxits and items that you will loot in.

  • Kryxivia Players Online Players online N/A
  • Kryxivia KXA KXA Marketcap 4,312,500$
  • Kryxivia KXA KXS Marketcap 130,000$
  • Kryxivia KXA Kryxivia NFT Minted N/A
Kryxivia cave Kryxivia cave
Kryxivia cave

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