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An innovative MMORPG game leveraging NFT on Blockchain

Welcome to Play-to-Earn experience

An interactive and fun 3D MMORPG

Cryptocurrencies as a revolution in the game economy

Play now an interactive and fun 3D MMORPG in your browser or on your PC with your friends, whilst collecting NFTs that give you rewards that are backed by cryptocurrency profits earned through your progress in the Kryxivia universe!

At Kryxivia, we use the best features that blockchain can offer to bring you the best in-game economics.

A world that combines NFTS and cryptocurrency

Explore dungeons in the world of Kryxivia and collect NFTs for trade with other players.

Earn valuable and exclusive NFTs by fighting the most powerful bosses in the Kryxivia Mine. Loot consumables, armor that you can apply to your character and Kryxit gems to be used as spells. All of them will allow you to customize your gameplay.


Two cryptocurrencies for the Metaverse universe

The KXA token, which stands for Kryxivia Coin token deployed on Ethereum, is the base cryptocurrency for on-chain payments and special bundles, cosmetics, a special NFT sales events or an exchange for KXS in-game currency, as well as buying and selling on our NFT marketplace.


KXS token, which stands for Kryxivia Shard Coin implemented on Ethereum is an online currency to play, buy, trade, directly in the game and to have new online pieces in the world of Kryxivia. As it carries more risks and economic movements, it must have a huge supply so that every player can have some to play with.

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