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Q4 2022

Step 10 / 10
  • Replication of the smart-contracts on Ethereum

  • Deployment of the KXA and KXS contract over Ethereum

  • Moving KXA Liquidity (LP) from BNB chain to ETH chain (converting intoETH)

  • Increasing adoption and awareness due to Ethereum re-structuration

  • Implementation of P2E mechanism during the Beta Launch

  • Beta release of Kryxivia Game using ETH network

  • Adding the Kryxvia NFT collection over Opensea

  • Adding a profession system

  • Crafting system

  • PvP scaling reforged

Q1 2023

Step 0 / 15
  • IDO for KXS and a potential KXA re-structuration with another raise round

  • First tournaments with the usage of KXS

  • Beginning the implementation of the P2E cyclic economy and systems to give rewards based on a seasonal basis

  • NFTs sale on the external Marketplaces on Ethereum and Polygon

  • Seasonal system with new bosses, item sets, and different NFT packs buyable from the game directly.

  • Community raise for in-game Marketplace (investors will be able to take % commission of all transactions happening on the Marketplace)

  • Implementation of the rental system for NFTs

  • Streamed Arena tournaments on Twitch (for that events, our community can bet on the player who has the highest potential to win, a similar mechanism to bookmakers, they can win KXS tokens)

  • NFTs sale on the in-game Marketplace

  • Themed dungeons in collaboration with partnership projects

  • The first raid

  • Achievements & Titles

  • Faction system

  • Adding a system giving access to a special in-game market, paid monthly in KXS to maintain the economy

  • Daily & weekly quests

Q2 2023

Step 0 / 6
  • Sales of some areas in Kryxivia city for the external partners (similar to Bloktopia)

  • Working on a Kryxivia Side-Chain in Proof of Stake to import/export transactions from the game. Will reduce fees to zero for the game exploitation, investors from KXA/KXS further will have the possibility to run a validator as a reward for their commitment

  • Land sale in Kryxivia (buying and potentially decorating houses in Kryxivia city)

  • In-game mini-events & challenges

  • Guild system (stash, achievements, quests)

  • Beginning of the storyline and quest integration

Q3 2023

Step 0 / 7
  • Making a Bridge for the Kryxvia Side-Chain from the Ethereum network (KXA, KXS, and NFTs) for the community to switch on the chain

  • Running the NFT marketplace and the rental system on the KXA side-chain, with a fixed % fees that will be shared between all validators running the Kryxvia Side

  • Chain network

  • AMAs/Community events taking place in the main square in Kryxivia City

  • Advanced personalization of the character (barber, tailor, and transmog shops)

  • World boss introduction

  • New biome in cave dungeon

Q4 2023

Step 0 / 6
  • Adding DAO over the Kryxivia side-chain to approve and revoke game advancement allows players to choose what nerf they would like or should be equilibrated from the game.

  • New boss designed for bounty events (it can be a demon that arrived in Kryxivia’s city through the magical portal)

  • Big bounty event with high rewards for the best team, which will kill X boss on the most challenging mode

  • Guild housing system

  • Huge PvP/PvE hybrid map

  • Beginning of the pet system