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Kryxivia Mine

Explore the Kryxivia Mine, and collect precious NFTs!

Inside Kryxivia City, you will find a giant door that leads to an old mine discovered a long time ago. The adventurers have decided to build the Kryxivia City around it in order to understand the Kryxit inside the mine and to collect them. They have quickly realized that horrific monsters protect that mine and that they would have to fight to the death to lay their hands on them!

We heard stories about the goddess Via that would have enchanted the Mine to protect the Kryxit, which seems to be the source of the power of the three divinities: Kry, Xi, and Via.


Enter the mine dungeons in different modes!

Catalysts take you to alternate ‘minelines’. If you use one before you enter, the bosses you encounter inside will be much stronger and drop much more powerful kryxits – the magical gems you can socket your items with for new spells and better stats.

Not every Catalyst was created equal - some will adjust the difficulty even more than others. The difficulty level is known as the dungeon’s Crux level. The higher the Crux, the harder the bosses and the better the drops.

Level 1
Blue Catalyst
Level 2
Yellow Catalyst
Level 3
Orange Catalyst
Level 4
Red Catalyst
Level 5
Purple Catalyst
Bosses of Kryxivia

Level-up your character NFTs by defeating the hardest bosses and using Catalyst to reach new high!

In Kryxivia, NFTs make law, which means that your character level is based on the items that you have equipped, that you traded on the marketplace, or won against the monsters in the Kryxivia mine. You have what we call an I-Lvl attached to your stuff on the character. Bosses will give you equipment, Kryxit Shard coin (KXS), and spells. Based on algorithmic value, loots are determined by different calculations based on players' activity to assure a sustainable economy. Some NFTs can be super-limited and potentially never looted again once deployed and a certain amount already dropped, or limited daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.